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Python, Passenger phusion and dreamhost

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Well, had to setup some stuff on dreamhost. Turns out that they are fairly bad on django hosting. Here is a working that is possibly much better than the default. Please not that you must have paste []  installed for this to work correctly. This has python2.7 locally installed in your account, with all […]

My first post at kwippy blog

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Start of phase 2

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Wierd title for a blog post 🙂 , but its truly the start of the second phase in my rather short career. This week I have decided to move on from , to some other stuff. Lately I have started realizing how badly i needed to give time to my own ideas (and there […]

Slideshare releases URL and email uploads

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Today , after a seriously long deployment at slideshare we have released URL and email upload. These add to the exisiting means of pushing content into slideshare. Let me list the ways of pushing content into .. Normal uploads Single – works on all machines Bulk (multiple uploads at one go) – fails on […]

Slideshare “recipe” for PMWiki

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PMWiki is this really cool wiki platform, which is used all over the internet for all kinds of collaborative purposes. Today, we at slideshare have put out a “recipe” which allows you to easily embed a presentation in PMWiki The download link for the recipe is here You can just unzip and put the contents […]

Creative commons and

Published: in @Work by . Leave a Comment on Creative commons and Checkout the Slideshare karaoke application built on top of the SlideShare API, a very cool tool which allows you to randomly pickup sideshows and have some really random fun …. The API has been released some days back and hence the documentation is very sparse, but rest assured that with some more applications coming […]

News about the slideshare application

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Checkout these links reviewing the slideshare application , the coolest presentation sharing application on the planet 🙂 …. Worlds top ten facebook application UK web focus Another SlideShare review These are some of the links which are talking about the Slideshare facebook application, so have you added the application yet ??? if not, go get […]

SlideShare for developers – I

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Today, SlideShare has shown the way and has become the first of presentation sharing site to become developer friendly. The long-awaited API has been released and yes, I have a series of tutorials in the works for using the really cool REST API released. There is some PHP helper code (ref: SSUtil) which allows a […]