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al gore and climate

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The Controvery

LinkedIn profile

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I did some work on my LinkedIn profile, fixed the information there. Updated stuff, so my new public professional profile is here. It looks very good and hopefully it will appear on google search as well. As long as it does not beat “Dipankar Sarkar” for google search I am happy ;). Plus it seems […]

10 million ruppees and Porsche911

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The following video of Yuvraj singh hitting Broad for 6 sixes in one over in an do or die match, it is worth 10 million ruppes and a Porsche 911 (BCCI presented him with both). This is great for the game and puts being a cricketer back into fashion :). Enjoi it, i did. Awesome….. […]

today is “young india day”

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Today young India is back with a bang, be it politics or cricket. Earlier today the Congress (the majority party in the ruling coalition) announced some young changes to the cabinet and their party positions. Leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Priya Dutt, have been given big-time responsibility, I am sure they will deliver and take […]

Monty Python – International Philosophy

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Too funny, check out the team lineups. Monty python so rocks …..

Progress post

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What progress have i made on the various things i have started to work on : 1. Something really cool that i have been working on with a really great partner of mine will be released soon. This is going to change how collaboration works across the internet :P. 2. The really cool slideshare upload […]

Enabling wordpress for iphone

Published: in Random by . 5 Comments on Enabling wordpress for iphone. Awesome plugin to create a iphone compatible wordpress layout …. now my site can be viewed on an iphone without ay layout issues from the plugin creators :- “Feature List Formats your blog content for optimized viewing on the iPhone. Automatically detects the iPhone’s Safari browser and only displays the custom theme to iPhone […]

interesting take on Entrepreneurship

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Cool presentation … its sarcastic as one of my friends stated … but its fun nevertheless

Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Published: in Random by . Leave a Comment on Entrepreneurial Proverbs. Some really interesting proverbs for the entrepreneur in all of us “Cool ideas are useless without great needs” “Start with nothing, and have nothing for as long as possible” “For investors, the product is nothing” “Great things are made by people who share a passion, not by those who have been talked into one” […]

Dipankars on the net

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Well like all geeks and nerds i am obsessed about the ranking of my page when i search for “Dipankar Sarkar” , “Dipankar” 🙂 . The good part is that there are very few “Dipankar Sarkar” to challenge me …. the sad part is that there is some competition on the “Dipankar” space … and […]