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FeinCMS and DjangoCMS

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Spent sometime working with both over the last month, created 2 ecommerce sites around these and here are some observations which may help people decide what works for them FeinCMS was a pain to get started with, i had to base it all on the default example as the documentation was not enough to get […]

Technically randy

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Must ask ! Are you “technically randy” ? I definitely am :), i just figured out that i must come out in the open for a change [as if the blog name is not a good indicator]. I love technology and apply it anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity. Though this obviously has its pitfalls, […]

genderless technology

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Why one must ask is technology gendered ? Are 1s and 0s, gendered ! Technology, if we look at only digital technology would count as one of crucial blocks of enabling all [of all colors, of all sizes] to take a pot shot at being successful [in various degrees]. It is hilarious to see how […]

BarCamp Kashmir version 1.0

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Well this is a great event hosted by awesome people. So congrats to Mir Nazim and his team :). Also noticed Supreet Sethi there :P, he was walking the ramp pretty nicely.

uncyclopedia on IIT

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Europe : Vanishing Mediator

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Very interesting article, and something that has appeared as a reference in “The ghost in the shell”. Allow me to begin these considerations on the uncertainties of Europe’s political identity at the beginning of the 21st century by referring to celebrated formulations from another European writer who, although belonging to a previous generation and writing […]

“Ghost in the shell” : The laughing man

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Well due to one of my best friends i have got rather addicted to GITS 🙂 or “The ghost in the shell”, an awesome japanese anime series. There is a concept or rather a case of the laughing man, and the basis for that is a JD Salinger short story of the same name. I […]

Teja drops real bombs (finally)

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Tejas crosses a milestone Ravi Sharma BANGALORE: In a milestone, a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas took off from here and for the first time dropped live stores (bombs) at a firing range. The dropping of two 25-pounder bombs, with one striking the target and the other falling within the inner 25 yard circle, was […]

Barcamp Delhi 4

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Delhi which is traditionally not known for technology is having its Barcamp, here is some blurb and links to get people started. Check them out and register for this awesome event. For the uninitiated Barcamp is an unconference where all sorts of people come in for all sorts of reasons (freebies, free wifi included) . […]

job boards

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So one of my friends was asking about job boards, so here are some of the good ones i know about Alootechie job boards venture jobs *Joel on software* job board Craig’s list These are pretty good ones from my understanding for a short gig or a great startup job …. If you guys know […]