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bandwidth leeching

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Lately has been under some tremendous bandwidth leeching from anonymous proxies. I am getting tired banning multiple IPs because they managed to eat up my monthly bandwidth quota in less than a week. Here are the public IPs which have hit me pretty hard Time to use public […]

Slideshare gets funding and other news

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So congrats to the slieshare team who just got funding, three cheers to my mates there. So after a long wait they have finally found a match for their funding needs. Hopefully they will keep up the good work at In other news, i started using EC2 seriously and have found it to be […]

the much more work syndrome

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I used to think that i am pretty smart when it comes to managing time, turns out it aint the case most times. At any given point of time , my management(or lack of it)┬á­čśë┬áinvariably┬áleads┬áto┬áwierd┬ácomplexities┬á(which obviously cannot be disclosed). So here goes list of things i want done asap Upgrade the wordpress, apparently the new […]

whole lotta fonts

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Now that i do *part-time* design work for my projects, i decided it was time to get all the free fonts available. As i am using ubuntu here are some awesome packages and links for fonts. Packages : (command to install on ubuntu) sudo apt-get install ttf-gentium ttf-dustin ttf-georgewilliams ttf-sjfonts sun-java6-fonts ttf-larabie-deco ttf-larabie-straight ttf-larabie-uncommon Another […]

Some cool new additions

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So i have been working on fixing my internet stuff, so here are my *new new* things. – This is an awesome *twitter* replacement – A little bit of self promotion, uses blueprintcss (i am still learning he he) – A test facebook application which demonstrates More later, i am working […]

sending smses

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Recently, i went to gaffar(New Delhi) and got 2 cell phones to muck around with it …. One is a sony ericksson another a nokia Turns out i needed a CA42 cable(Nokia), but it still does not work. The sony Ericksson rocks …..

Start of phase 2

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Wierd title for a blog post ­čÖé , but its truly the start of the second phase in my rather short career. This week I have decided to move on from , to some other stuff. Lately I have started realizing how badly i needed to give time to my own ideas (and there […]

Payment gateways

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I have been doing some work lately on how one can take payments or pay the client in the easiest way possible. This leads me to doing some research on currently available gateways. Some of the contenders are: 1. Paypal – a decent service, but takes a lot of money for transferring money. Its ok […]

shift happens

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A brillant presentation, winner of the competition ….. Must see slideshow …. – Social music platform

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Cool slideshow about …