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Top 10 events in 2008

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There were a lot of important events in 2008, which can be defined as good or bad. Here is a list from what i remember of the year gone by. Mumbai attacks – India hardens as a state, we have a new look in our diplomacy. We want action and not reactions from our under-performing […] January’09, Bangalore

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After its resounding successes in its past four editions, is back on 23 & 24 january at bangalore to further strengthen its position as India’s premier start-up event. has built a reputation of being the one event the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem looks forward to, across the length and breadth of India. Having witnessed […]

Pownce gone, use kwippy

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In a blatant act of self promotion, now that pownce is finished, I can confidently write that we are the only other django based micro-blogging network with some traction. I do admit the user interface needs a bit of work, but if you interact with our community, you will realize that they are a set […]

Language of politics

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After the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we see all the political parties starting their games. Lets have a closer look at what they said and where they went wrong. Manmohan Singh – A speech which lacked character, though it did not lack the objectivity. In a time of crisis when this was televised what […]

government aka sarkar

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Well, my name is Dipankar Sarkar. And Sarkar is hindi for goverment … so one my friends (specifically Varun Gulshan) would keep calling me that which to be honest is a fantastic nickname ;). Jokes apart, I guess i am a bit frustrated with how things work around me. As an individual who says “chop, […]

Rumors and more ….

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To be honest, I am a very conspiracy theory kind of a guy. Always believe things after i can validate certain things personally, that invariably leads to me getting too involved (call it the observer effect). But then again there are certain things that are much bigger than me which i believe are absolute frauds, […]

IIT versus everyone

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“Life’s fair if you don’t compare” The basis of article is the above quote which has no known author. Yesterday, i was sitting with my friends and i was the only IITian sitting there. When these guys started talking about their university life, well I started to realize that the golden years of fun for […]

I am an Indian

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“I AM AN INDIAN, I AM A MUSLIM” – Omar Abdullah We need more politicians like him, ready to say the right thing. Willing to make a choice for the nation first, then their religion. I can understand all the things we say about Kashmir, the truth is that in pure financial terms nation building […]

ILUG-Delhi workshop

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[story] it all about meme

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******************************************************************* My friend Supreet started this meme of writing a story based on this picture. He had given me 100 words. I have taken my artistic license a lil far beyond. And I am writing it as a parable. More posts from supreet and kaa ******************************************************************* Once upon a time in a land far far […]