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Lessons in perception management

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One of my recent experiments with myself has lead me to the conclusion that actual objective work done is not as important as perception management. On the contrary, people who do perception management get some work done sometimes. This recent run had enough data points for me to validate my own skills, but taught me […]

Multiple views using

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I have been using the micro-framework called, and starting to write fairly complicated applications on top of it. So I have been able to put together a relatively clean structure based that serves my maintainability issues This setup uses redis, memcached, and mako as the templating language. Lets assume the application name is project. […]

Xen it up

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So been playing around for sometime now, and now officially running my own virtual machines. Not using any of the interfaces available and still having a lot of fun to be honest. I recently encountered the Citrix XenCenter in production and am convinced it is the right move to use commandline only, though it is […]

Ecommerce in India

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There has been so much talk about ecommerce in India, how it is going to revolutionize the way Indians buy/sell stuff. From all the data available it clear that no breakthrough is in sight for any of the models implemented in the market. We can have a look at the classifieds model, which seems to […]

Node.js on FreeBSD

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$ sudo portmaster devel/pkg-config devel/libexecinfo devel/cmake devel/scons lang/python27  $ git clone  $ cd node/deps/v8  $ git checkout v0.4.6  $ scons os=freebsd arch=x64 (takes a while to compile v8)  $ sudo cp libv8* /usr/local/lib  $ cd ~/node $ ./configure \ –prefix=/usr/local \ –shared-v8 \ –shared-v8-includes=/home/mikl/node/deps/v8/include \ –shared-v8-libpath=/usr/local/lib \ –shared-v8-libname=v8  $ gmake  $ sudo gmake install […]

Distributed transactions

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Sat in on a fascinating discussion on distributed transactions, its very clear how most people seem to underestimate at what loads contention starts to happen. Have been hanging out with redis over the last couple of weeks and its obvious that you can do quite a few things with it! Good stuff antirez… Read up […]

Compiling B2G on ubuntu 64bit

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Been working on compiling B2G aka Firefox OS on ubuntu 64bit ! There have been some hiccups along the way, but a full post coming up on that soon

Whats up, world !

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Wow, that was a long break. Lately not spent any time on writing or thinking, guess that is usually visible in the output ! Need to make it a real habit of writing more and more. Happy new year to anyone who reads this ! Looking forward to kick starting good stuff !

New book : Nginx web server cookbook

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Guys after a long break, I have come out of my slumber to talk about my first publication with Packt publishing. In short the book is about tips and tricks around the upcoming Nginx web server. You can check it out using this link. This has been published by Packt publishing, a UK based technical […]

Nested comments

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Comments inside comments ! That seems to be a basic issue in PHP. Lets say i am including a php file, and i comment it out using /* */ and it super freaks out when that file has comments. Simple things that can save developer pain and i am sure it is not a difficult […]