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Wold clock extension: Google chrome

Published: in Creations, , , , , by . Leave a Comment on Wold clock extension: Google chrome. So here i present the google chome world clock extension ! Simple but works great. Developed it in January and has seen over 500 downloads. So go get the beta google chrome and install this cool plugin to keep track of time ;).

Pimp your blog up in an hour

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Today, after a long time I decided that my blog needed a revamp. Hope you guys like what I have tried with it. The goals at the start of this exercise were as follows: Neat looking template reflecting my minimalist style Good quality SEO, and clean permanent URLs (same as before) Move from the last […]

Social Media Internships @ Electrosocial

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It gives me immensure pleasure to announce that Electrosocial is starting a six week internship program from the end of this month. The program is aimed at sharing the fundamentals of Social Media and imparting working knowledge with various tools and services of relevance. The internship would be completely online so that anyone from any […]

Login, search and apply for jobs on mosambe

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Mosambe for starters

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Mosambe is a one-stop shop to find the right jobs and the right talent. It is a platform for you to network with your colleagues, gain greater visibility and find new opportunities. For companies- setting up a branded account, posting a job and finding the right talent is simple, easy, effective and hassle free. Mosambe( […]

Kwippy fireeagle

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Kwippy has fireeagle integration now 😀 …. and all done in 2 days flat. The API is not that stable to be honest, but has the potential for greatness. The kwippy integration basically has a small signup application that is independent of the main app, there is a signup page which integrates and then the […]

Yet another URL shortening tool

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So here i post to introduce yet another short URL service  …. So i started this service for fun, built it in a record 3 hours he he … will open-source the code by the weekend. The service is dead simple  … you get a short url and you can view stats about how […]

Kwippy facebook application

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Hello all kwippers and people who want to archive their status application, we just released an application which lets you do just that and more if you are integrate the application with kwippy. here is the link We need more people 😉 , feel free to invite your friends too  ….

Anagram on twitter

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After a long struggle to write something interesting, i have finally released an uncut version of my twitter anagram bot. This bot can be found here at . This took some homework initially, now i intend to make this bot healthier coz it seems to freak out with some encoding issue in the wordlist […]

kwippy !!

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 What is kwippy? – a micro/nanoblogging webapp + IM status logger + social network Why another microblogging app when there are already plenty out there? – There is twitter, pownce, jaiku, and 10 other similar ones. Though all of these promote small posts, each has a different kind of social network. On twitter you mostly […]