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Wold clock extension: Google chrome

Published: in Creations, , , , , by . Leave a Comment on Wold clock extension: Google chrome. So here i present the google chome world clock extension ! Simple but works great. Developed it in January and has seen over 500 downloads. So go get the beta google chrome and install this cool plugin to keep track of time ;).

GD Library Error: Imagecreatetruecolor Does Not Exist

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Well the simplest way of solving this is to run sudo apt-get install php5-gd That will install the necessary libraries that you need to keep continuing. If you are in windows then you need to go  to your php.ini and uncomment the following lines ;extension=php_gd.dll ;extension=php_gd2.dll [just remove the ; to uncomment them] Hope that […]

Cron issues on drupal

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Well here are some quick ways of solving your “cron not working properly issues in drupal” It has a semaphore which blocks the cron running, in my case the PHP script ran for too long and ate up too much memory. I needed to modify my php.ini to ensure that it could take up more […]

Installing Solr + Tomcat on RHEL5

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Installing JDK Download the latest Sun JDK RPM. Go to and navigate to the downloads page. As of this writing it is If you are on a text console, you may want to use the “links” text browser rather than wget or curl. The Sun site requires you to accept a license agreement before […]

Listing all your blogposts

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So here is a quick snapshot at how to get all your wordpress blogposts using python [or wordpresslib to be specific] — #!/usr/bin/env python import wordpresslib import tinyurl wordpress = raw_input(‘Wordpress URL:’) user = raw_input(‘Username:’) password = raw_input(‘Password:’) # prepare client object wp = wordpresslib.WordPressClient(wordpress, user, password) # select blog id wp.selectBlog(0) posts = wp.getRecentPosts(100) […]

RHEL5 : Yum to munin

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So here are some dead easy ways of getting munin and munin-node installed on your RHEL5 server. First add RPM Forge repository rpm -Uhv Then just fire yum install munin munin-node Now, you have your munin running. Lets turn our attention to monit. First add this new repo to you rpm -Uvh Then […]

Technically randy

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Must ask ! Are you “technically randy” ? I definitely am :), i just figured out that i must come out in the open for a change [as if the blog name is not a good indicator]. I love technology and apply it anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity. Though this obviously has its pitfalls, […]

genderless technology

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Why one must ask is technology gendered ? Are 1s and 0s, gendered ! Technology, if we look at only digital technology would count as one of crucial blocks of enabling all [of all colors, of all sizes] to take a pot shot at being successful [in various degrees]. It is hilarious to see how […]

Jailed in FreeBSD

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Well, working on freeBSD right now some immediate learnings for most linux users Ports is as good as apt-get [and i would say much better, when i started installing stuff] You will need to start with installing vim and bash to make your life a lot easier So the target was to install python and […]

Starting finally !

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I have been lately thinking about what to do with my “real” site, i figured out that i can cut out some of the more personal post into :). So see you there for more subjective crap.