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haiku as your desktop

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For all the people who have been following the haiku project, it is truly playing out as a viable alternative to the desktop wars with Linux. In my opinion there were only a few that could have beaten the windows dominance, one was the photonGUI and then the BeOS. Turns out the Mac has won […]

Distributed transactions

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Sat in on a fascinating discussion on distributed transactions, its very clear how most people seem to underestimate at what loads contention starts to happen. Have been hanging out with redis over the last couple of weeks and its obvious that you can do quite a few things with it! Good stuff antirez… Read up […]

Compiling B2G on ubuntu 64bit

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Been working on compiling B2G aka Firefox OS on ubuntu 64bit ! There have been some hiccups along the way, but a full post coming up on that soon

Python, Passenger phusion and dreamhost

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Well, had to setup some stuff on dreamhost. Turns out that they are fairly bad on django hosting. Here is a working that is possibly much better than the default. Please not that you must have paste []¬† installed for this to work correctly. This has python2.7 locally installed in your account, with all […]

Whats up, world !

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Wow, that was a long break. Lately not spent any time on writing or thinking, guess that is usually visible in the output ! Need to make it a real habit of writing more and more. Happy new year to anyone who reads this ! Looking forward to kick starting good stuff !

New book : Nginx web server cookbook

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Guys after a long break, I have come out of my slumber to talk about my first publication with Packt publishing. In short the book is about tips and tricks around the upcoming Nginx web server. You can check it out using this link. This has been published by Packt publishing, a UK based technical […]

Using Motorola E6 or A1200 with kannel

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So for all the people who do not want to learn AT commands to get their old MotoRockr [aka motorola e6] and A1200 working with your kannel setup to send/receive¬†MMS and SMS here is the kannel.conf and modems.conf. The important part is the modems.conf which has the correct AT commands to receive SMSes. kannel.conf # […]

Nested comments

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Comments inside comments ! That seems to be a basic issue in PHP. Lets say i am including a php file, and i comment it out using /* */ and it super freaks out when that file has comments. Simple things that can save developer pain and i am sure it is not a difficult […]

Support and PHP

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So got to setting up OTRS, neat email based support system and it works pretty well it seems. There are some issues setting it up initially, but it integrates very well into your support email ! Should have thought of using it for kwippy once i think about it he he. Just managed to get […]

FeinCMS and DjangoCMS

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Spent sometime working with both over the last month, created 2 ecommerce sites around these and here are some observations which may help people decide what works for them FeinCMS was a pain to get started with, i had to base it all on the default example as the documentation was not enough to get […]