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Slideshare releases URL and email uploads

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Today , after a seriously long deployment at slideshare we have released URL and email upload. These add to the exisiting means of pushing content into slideshare. Let me list the ways of pushing content into .. Normal uploads Single – works on all machines Bulk (multiple uploads at one go) – fails on […]

Enabling wordpress for iphone

Published: in Random by . 5 Comments on Enabling wordpress for iphone. Awesome plugin to create a iphone compatible wordpress layout …. now my site can be viewed on an iphone without ay layout issues from the plugin creators :- “Feature List Formats your blog content for optimized viewing on the iPhone. Automatically detects the iPhone’s Safari browser and only displays the custom theme to iPhone […]

interesting take on Entrepreneurship

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Cool presentation … its sarcastic as one of my friends stated … but its fun nevertheless

virality with a kapital ‘V’

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The web is currently obsessed with this concept of virality, how can a site grow exponentially in terms of traffic, user registrations and ten thousand other metrics. This reminds me of some sort of a gold rush, very little analysis behind what is right or wrong … people seem to be blinded by success and […]

Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Published: in Random by . Leave a Comment on Entrepreneurial Proverbs. Some really interesting proverbs for the entrepreneur in all of us “Cool ideas are useless without great needs” “Start with nothing, and have nothing for as long as possible” “For investors, the product is nothing” “Great things are made by people who share a passion, not by those who have been talked into one” […]

Dipankars on the net

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Well like all geeks and nerds i am obsessed about the ranking of my page when i search for “Dipankar Sarkar” , “Dipankar” 🙂 . The good part is that there are very few “Dipankar Sarkar” to challenge me …. the sad part is that there is some competition on the “Dipankar” space … and […]

Start of another blog

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So today marks the beginning of a new blog here . This will be a blog dedicated to my financial ambitions on and off the internet. The content of this blog will be completely non-technical and will look at what drives most people in my honest view ($$$). In an effort to improve my rather […]

Whats up ….

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Just a reminder post on what all i am tackling this week : 1. Joomla extension development , its awesome fun . Will release something real useful soon. 2. pidgin(formerly known as gaim) development. I think i will join their patch submission group soon. 3. Fixing Net::POP3 on ruby … i think its kinda buggy […]

Run Fatboy Run – A Wildfire campaigns

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Cool ad campaigns and games from wildfire. This is about new movie being released : Run Fatboy Run “New British comedy hitting cinemas on 28 September 2007. Overly lazy and commitment-phobic, Dennis (Simon Pegg) suffers a minor breakdown and ditches his pregnant girlfriend Libby (Thandie Newton) at the altar. Five years later, Dennis realizes just […]

Must read books

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Here are some awesome books i have read in the last month or so… 1. Byomkesh Bakshi – 19 short stories 2. The menagerie – 4 novellas – Byomkesh Bakshi 3. Micheal Lewis – Liar’s poker Cool book about his short stint at Salomon brother… must read for Rs.150 😛 4. Micheal Lewis – The […]