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Going from WordPress multisite to regular wordpress

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We had a wordpress multi-site installation that was working just fine! However custom domain and SSL pose a clear problem, along with any specific changes one might have to make to the installation. NO CODE! NO SQL! So I decided to move back to regular wordpress. Now we are using the popular exponent theme, the […]

Installing huginn on ubuntu 20.04

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The default guide for Huginn installation works pretty well. The only part where you do get stuck is So what really happens is that the console looks like it stuck, which is quite frustrating. Lets say you force quit this (Crtl^C). Try running it again and you will get an error like. So a bit […]

Gotcha with exporting MySQL tables for windows

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I encountered some interesting issues when pulling out CSV from my MySQL databases. The core issue was the csv generated was not seemingly compatible with the various spreadsheet readers in Windows. After having a closer look at the file, it turns out to be an encoding issue clearly. As the database was Latin1 encoded, the […]

Exporting MySQL tables and databases

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Here are the ways you can export tables and databases, each of them have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the task at hand. We will list out each with examples and discuss them. We will assume that the database name is D and table name is T. 1.  Going native with SQL and generating […]

Lessons in perception management

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One of my recent experiments with myself has lead me to the conclusion that actual objective work done is not as important as perception management. On the contrary, people who do perception management get some work done sometimes. This recent run had enough data points for me to validate my own skills, but taught me […]

Aliexpress : Experiences and improvements

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I have been using Aliexpress to buy parts that I am not able to locate at Nehru place [New Delhi, India] especially laptop batteries for older laptops. It has been a pretty smooth experience in terms of ordering, however it is a fairly weak experience when it comes to the shipping. I had ordered 3 […]

Multiple views using

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I have been using the micro-framework called, and starting to write fairly complicated applications on top of it. So I have been able to put together a relatively clean structure based that serves my maintainability issues This setup uses redis, memcached, and mako as the templating language. Lets assume the application name is project. […]

Xen it up

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So been playing around for sometime now, and now officially running my own virtual machines. Not using any of the interfaces available and still having a lot of fun to be honest. I recently encountered the Citrix XenCenter in production and am convinced it is the right move to use commandline only, though it is […]

Ecommerce in India

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There has been so much talk about ecommerce in India, how it is going to revolutionize the way Indians buy/sell stuff. From all the data available it clear that no breakthrough is in sight for any of the models implemented in the market. We can have a look at the classifieds model, which seems to […]

Node.js on FreeBSD

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$ sudo portmaster devel/pkg-config devel/libexecinfo devel/cmake devel/scons lang/python27  $ git clone  $ cd node/deps/v8  $ git checkout v0.4.6  $ scons os=freebsd arch=x64 (takes a while to compile v8)  $ sudo cp libv8* /usr/local/lib  $ cd ~/node $ ./configure \ –prefix=/usr/local \ –shared-v8 \ –shared-v8-includes=/home/mikl/node/deps/v8/include \ –shared-v8-libpath=/usr/local/lib \ –shared-v8-libname=v8  $ gmake  $ sudo gmake install […]