Geeksphone Keon unboxing

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Geeksphone Keon

I have the using the Geeksphone Keon over the last couple of weeks and its been an interesting experience till now. Just to start things of here is the unboxing of the packed unit. The box is really beautiful and really reminds you of a great mozilla experience!

Geeksphone Keon

The top side of the box!

Geeksphone Keon

The bottom of the box!

Geeksphone keon

Neatly arranged battery, and handsfree!

Geeksphone Keon

Cool firefoxOS sticker

Geeksphone Keon

And, finally the phone

The phone has fantastic battery life, for at least 3 days normal usage. The internet seems to be a little flaky, and the OS has crashed a couple of time though. Hope to put up more about firefox OS.

SpaceX’s Autonomous ‘Grasshopper’ Rocket Makes Milestone Flight | Autopia |

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Show off ;) … great stuff @ SpaceX.


Musk’s visit to SXSW was his second stop in Texas. The entrepreneur spent time talking to lawmakers about developing a space launch facility in the Lone Star State. SpaceX currently has two launch facilities for its NASA missions and commercial satellite launch customers. The current mission to the ISS was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX is putting the final touches on a facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Both sites are operated by the government, and SpaceXleases the launch pad.

SpaceX’s Autonomous ‘Grasshopper’ Rocket Makes Milestone Flight | Autopia |

Bijan Sabet – Who took a chance on you?

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Bijan Sabet on who took a chance of you

Many folks get to experience some of their goals because someone, somewhere along the way, gave them a shot. They took a real chance based on something they felt or saw (vs historical evidence per se). 

Bijan Sabet – Who took a chance on you?.

Ten things about being a founder I wish I knew two years ago. // Speaker Deck

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Ten tips and concepts that I personally value very much about being a startup founder, managing a team and a product.

The white slides represent my speaker’s notes.

Ten things about being a founder I wish I knew two years ago. // Speaker Deck.

RFC 6455 – The WebSocket Protocol

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 The WebSocket Protocol enables two-way communication between a client
   running untrusted code in a controlled environment to a remote host
   that has opted-in to communications from that code.  The security
   model used for this is the origin-based security model commonly used
   by web browsers.  The protocol consists of an opening handshake
   followed by basic message framing, layered over TCP.  The goal of
   this technology is to provide a mechanism for browser-based
   applications that need two-way communication with servers that does
   not rely on opening multiple HTTP connections (e.g., using
   XMLHttpRequest or <iframe>s and long polling).

RFC 6455 – The WebSocket Protocol.

Very interesting RFC, say in comparison to BOSH. Should be a fun read for most engineers.

Career Advice From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder – Business Insider

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Reid Hoffman started his professional life with the intention of becoming an academic.

But then he realized: “in order to be a professional scholar, you have to dedicate a vast majority of your career to writing esoteric books that only 50 people will understand.”

So instead, he got into the technology industry with a job at Apple, where he helped build eWorld, Apple’s version of America Online.

Next, he started a company called SocialNet. It failed. 

Career Advice From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder – Business Insider.

Zombie Startups | Danielle Morrill

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My greatest fear as a startup founder isn’t to fail, it is to become a zombie startup. Kind of like in the 6th Sense when Bruce Willis doesn’t realize he is dead and tries to have a nice dinner with his wife, there are startups out there who are still “operating” but might as well not be.

Zombie Startups | Danielle Morrill.



Firefox operating system released!

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Firefox operating systemOne of the first things that i wanted to implement in my university [~2006] was a operating system with only the Firefox browser as the core application. Turns out that is a popular reality now with the Chromebook and well to some extent the Firefox OS which is being released. I at that point had no idea that mobile would become that big, with the exposure that I had. Its all coming together!

The new Firefox OS is something that I was waiting for, and I believe a true iOS challenger. We should definitely keep in mind that Steve Jobs had seen the future and pushed for all iOS applications to be web applications in a mobile webkit browser [before the whole app store came about]. So we finally have Steve Job’s dream working out in style.

All the core applications[Dialers, Contact book, Messaging]  need to be web applications, unlike say in iOS which is such a partial approach. One must appreciate the ideas that iOS has introduced, and well android has copied religiously. However, it seems some others may take a lead soon. I look forward to making this work on the desktop as well.

Three cheers to the mozilla team for this achievement!!



bye bye kaspersky, welcome avast

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Well not a marketing post, I recently bought KAV or Kaspersky anti-virus for all the windows machines that I run. Lately it has become extremely bloated and well it brought all my machines down to their knees. The goal of running lean and mean, while giving me optimal online *protection* seems to be lost on them.

Being the engineer that I am, my response was to find out the leanest one around [for free]. Turns out Avast does a pretty decent job of staying out of my way and finding out about most of the common bugs around. One must admit, the cottage industry of Anti-virus makers must get a cut from Intel/Microsoft for building these beasts which run in the background consuming most of your memory.

So Avast it is for the rest of the house as well! That too the free version, until of course KAV fixes its bloat.

Get it here

Rooting your Samsung galaxy ace

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So have been playing around with ROMing and modding phone for most of the weekend. Here are the important posts to read to mod your Galaxy Ace.

You will need to download the root file from the following link

Successfull done on my wife’s phone!